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If you love UNC Women's Basketball, we invite you to consider becoming a member of TEAM TEMPO.

Membership information and

application for membership

The mission of TEAM TEMPO is to:

  • Build a larger fan base and increase game attendance (we want to FILL Carmichael Arena!)

  • Provide information and a voice for fans of UNC Womens' Basketball

  • Provide occasions for those with a passion for UNC Women's Basketball to spend time with other fans, and with the coaches and players

  • Provide a resource for the Athletic Department, coaches and staff to help promote and support UNC Women's Basketball.​

Who can join?​

Membership is open to fans of UNC Women's Basketball who support our goals and want to enjoy exclusive opportunities to get behind the scenes of the women's basketball program.

Membership has its benefits...

Every basketball season, TEAM TEMPO plans these special events for its members:

  • Pre-season and post-season tip-off potluck celebrations in the Spring and Fall, traditionally held at the Coach's home

  • An invitation to the Annual Team Awards Banquet (a post-season event with the players and coaches)

  • An "insider's" event with Coach Hatchell, such as "An Evening With Coach Hatchell", now in its second year


TEAM TEMPO is always looking for more fun ways to bring our fans together and provide opportunities for fans to engage with UNC basketball coaches, staff and players. We are open to suggestions from our members about other benefits that you would like to see (within reason, and within the rules of course!).

A success last season, and continuing in 2018-19...

Join us in the Members' Locker Room before every home UNC Women's Basketball game! The locker room is open from 1 hour before each game until 15 minutes prior to tip-off. This is an exclusive opportunity for TEAM TEMPO members to regularly meet other fan club members, learn about volunteer opportunities, exchange ideas about how to grow our fan base, and most importantly to build friendships! The Members' Locker Room is located on the right as you turn down the hall to the right past the reception desk. Access to this area is restricted to members only, and you must present your Team Tempo membership card at the door for access. Join us prior to tip-off for light snacks (provided) and random fandom!

Membership also has responsibilities...

As the official fan club of UNC Women's Basketball, Tar Heel Team Tempo is a "booster club" and must comply with the rules and regulations established by the NCAA regarding booster activities. The NCAA rules strictly prohibit booster involvement in any aspect of the recruiting process and outlines specific rules regarding booster involvement with prospects. As a member of Tar Heel Team Tempo, you agree to abide by the NCAA rules regarding the recruiting process, booster involvement with prospects and with enrolled student-athletes throughout their careers including student-athlete employment and promotional activities. The UNC Pocket Guide to NCAA Regulations For Alumni and Friends of Carolina Athletics can be found by clicking here (.pdf file). Violations of the rules contained within this brochure can result in the loss of benefits and privileges, including season tickets, and/or being disassociated from the institution. Detailed information about NCAA and ACC rules of compliance for alumni, boosters and fans can also be found on the UNC Compliance site by clicking here. "Always remember to ASK BEFORE YOU ACT."

What does membership cost?

For all of the benefits members receive, annual membership dues are only $25.00/person per year.

To apply for membership, please complete the fill-in application (here) and return the application along with a personal check made payable to Team Tempo in the amount of $25.00/person to: Stephen Rich, Team Tempo Treasurer, 603 E. Franklin St., Chapel Hill NC 27514.

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